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Feel Better! Look Better! Learn healthier habits! A simple change in diet can boost muscle growth and recovery, slim your waistline, make you happier, allow you to sleep better, and reduce bloating. Get a personalized nutrition plan based on your self-reported test values.

Learn healthy habits from Kristy Morell the head dietician for the L.A Kings (Professional Hockey Team). Let the best in the business will walk you through: Fat Loss, Building Muscle, Daily Food Planning, Hydration and more.

Our partnership with Kristy Morrell (head dietician for the L.A Kings) is validation that we have the best nutrition offerings on the market. Her expertise has allowed us to generate an extremely easy to use meal plan and course.

My Story:

My name is Omar Bolden. I played football at the highest level....the NFL. I've learned the hard way that working out is only half of the battle. I started to see improvements in my game and the way I look when I started eating right. Nutrition is everything. Crap in Crap out. Learn how the pros do it.

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