Omar Bolden

Grow with O

To help you achieve your fitness goals, we use advanced algorithms to create a completely customized meal plan! Kristy Morrell, our professional in-house nutritionist, has worked long and hard to perfect our nutritional process.

Along with the meal plan comes eight videos on nutrition hosted by Kristy. In the videos, she breaks down misconceptions and gives insight about fat loss, muscle gain, meal prep, weight gain and much more.

Kristy Morrell is the head nutritionist of the professional hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings. We have worked hard to adapt her expertise into a program for you so that you can be sure you are getting the best advice on the market.

My Story:

My name is Omar Bolden. I played football at the highest level....the NFL. I've learned the hard way that working out is only half of the battle. I started to see improvements in my game and the way I look when I started eating right. Nutrition is everything. Crap in Crap out. Learn how the pros do it.

Start Your Fitness Journey

In order to look like an athlete, you must fuel your body like one!

1 customized meal plan
8 video lessons
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